Who We Are

Hdmgroup is an innovative startup, created with the aim of entering and establishing itself in the "Health Data Mining" market, especially in the field of Big Data, Predictive Analysis and Statistics, focusing on:

·       More than twenty years of expertise of the founding members, from medical to computer science, mathematics, statistics and engineering;

·       UNITY, a software solution created by the founding partners and subjected to a patent, capable of processing large volumes of data (structured and unstructured) using few hardware resources and with auto-learning capabilities.


Unity provides a secure and efficient method to integrate all types of data, internal and external to the company, with the aim of providing a highly personalized service based on the customer’s needs. It Provides the possibility to realize, in real-time mode, Statistical Forecast models. Thanks to its know-how, consolidated experience, and the innovative and patented UNITY system, Hdmgroup is able to:


Analyze Big Data for the Customer to quickly extract his insights and increase his ability to make important business decisions quickly (data-driven and fact-based);


Extend and expand the ability and depth of analysis to screen, distinguish, extrapolate and personalize the information held by the company, greatly increasing its value, moving from Business Intelligence to Predictive Analtytics and Data Mining;


Permit the construction of a competitive advantage which allows an increasement of the growth and the generation of more economic value.


The business model envisages a different articulation of the services offered on the basis of a careful analysis of the potential needs and the main variables of a market which, by its nature, is very vast and constantly evolving..