IOT (Internet of Things) is the keystone in the production of goods and services. Market analysis shows a continuously growing trend in the supply of innovative products and services in this sector.


IOT associates “Internet” topic with the real objects from everyday life, objects (and devices) that will be more and more connected and that are giving birth to an even denser network of presence on the territory and in all of the environments which need control, automation and detection.


The purpose of this type of solutions is basically to monitor, control and transfer information and then perform consequent actions. IoT means integration and opens up very important perspectives in terms of reviewing company information systems.


Main applications:


Domotics, Robotics and Avionics


Automotive Industry


Biomedical Industry




Smart City, Smart Buildings, Smart Home


Smart Mobility


Smart Manufacturing or Industrial 4.0


Smart Agriculture


Public administration


Transport, Energy, Sustainability, Waste, Environment


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