HDM provides its customers with analysis services of what happened in the past and study services, which help to understand and solve the contingent problems, with services able to reveal opportunities, to make informed decisions despite the uncertainties, with FORECAST services to predict the behaviours, results and future trends, as soon as possible.


The predictive analysis follows the subsequent steps: collection, description and analysis of data, identification of significant contents, quantification of changes and relationships which are useful in understanding the business.


All of this lays the ground work for the PREDICTIVE ANALYSIS which predicts the users’ (or systems) behaviour and the performance of the organization, within an acceptable level of reliability.


As a consequence, this permits to develop targeted and effective strategies in heterogeneous contexts (reduction of the abandonment rate, increase in the possibilities of cross-selling, consumption forecasts, fraud prevention, etc.).



HDM has developed "UNITY", a solution for the creation and testing of forecasting statistical models, made possible through:


a proprietary statistical forecast engine.


 an auto-learning system


an innovative "patented" algorithm


"UNITY" makes decision-making simple through its algorithm.Furthermore, it generates forecast scenarios by providing predictive information, in order to insert new products, improve the existing ones and increase business.



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