1, 2, 3 Squola was born (also) for the university

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1, 2, 3 Squola was born (also) for the university

Luglio 10, 2020 Innovation for covid-19 0

HDM Group immediately became active when the pandemic broke out, making 1, 2, 3 Squola. The initiative led to the creation of a blog with activities for the little ones, in particular aimed at the age group 2-6 years, and advice for parents.
From April, every day, the communication team of HDM Group in collaboration with the Albero Azzurro di Pavia nursery school and other educators around the world has made available to everyone content and activities for children and families.

However, HDM Group wanted to stop and continue to think about the well-being of what is the segment of the population that has been forgotten more than any other. Thus was born 1, 2, 3 Squola (also) for the university. It is a set of services and products that allow you to return to school or university in total safety. HDM Group, thanks to innovative technology, can create a set of solutions that can allow the return to teaching in the presence in total safety for greater serenity of children/young people and families.
The idea led to the creation of 4 different types of services, where Hardware and Software solutions coexist and generate the added value of “serenity”.

The services are:
– Safe Access, in the light or advanced version, are the set of services for an orderly and safe management of access to the structures, verification of attendance in the common areas, shift management and possibility to reserve seats (eg. cafeteria service, library, etc.).
– Safe spot booking, is the service for reserving places in common areas such as libraries, cafeteria service, etc.
– Safe common area, allows you to safely manage attendance in common areas and optimize routes within the structure.
– Safeguard, allows you to control body temperature and protective devices, purify the air, monitor the maximum number of people and an alerting service in case of violation of the maximum number of people and sanitation of the bathrooms based on the number of users.

The attention of HDM Group is focused on the youngest who are our tomorrow, guaranteeing safety today ensures them a future. It is important, however, to specify that they are versatile solutions and applicable to any context such as factories and offices but more generally to all those indoor places that have the aim of hosting communities.

To find out more, Send us an email or visit the Innovation for Covid-19 section on 1, 2, 3 Squola web site

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