Twitter Analysis: sentiment and reactions to #maturità 2022

Twitter Analysis: sentiment and reactions to #maturità 2022

June 30, 2022 Web monitoring 0

In this heated June continuing with one’s routine is more tiring than usual, this month has perhaps an inherent duality: the scent of summer and a desire for carefreeness and, at the same time, a lot of work and study commitments that make vacations seem like a mirage. Graduating seniors know this well, they are especially the stars of Twitter since the second half of June making the hashtag #maturita2022 rise in trending.

Wanting to make a current contribution to our Social Observatory, we analyzed Twitter sentiments in the days leading up to the first test and those on the first actual day of the maturity in Italian schools, the corresponding dates of June 20/21/22, 2022.

On an analysis sample of 200 Tweets, interesting data emerged: 56% expressed negative sentiment, 5% neutral and 39% experienced this moment positively.

In these three days, regarding the tweets examined, we count 100,833 likes and 12,565 retweets and finally 1,996 comments.

These numbers are validated by the large number of chains and holy cards created with the playful and somewhat cynical intent of being able to best pass the maturity tests by retweeting or liking this numerous type of post.

Santini in which pop icons pop up, from Raffaella Carrà to Beyoncé. There is no shortage of Alberto Angela and Alessandro Barbero surrounded by emoji in the shape of fuchsia hearts. Another good portion is dedicated to the best-known figures of Italian literature, lent as protagonists in photoshopped images such as Montale atop a mountain or Pascoli among sheep. In short, as some of Generation Z ‘cringing’ would say.

Continuing with other interesting data, the images counted come to 123 and the videos only 20 out of the total 200 tweets analyzed. The majority of the tweets, therefore, communicate mainly with a single image or a short text accompanied by an image, this is because the subject matter examined lends itself well to the use of the meme, a method of communication that is especially popular among mature 18/19 year olds. Among the memes analyzed, many feature singers, TV presenters, and nationally known faces, while still others capture frames from popular cartoons and TV series.

Most of the comments counted are below tweets from people in a more adult age group, where they exchange opinions or stir up controversy.

In this case, the sentiment is negative but without irony: these are tweets of disdain for the school system, criticism for good wishes to high school seniors from politicians perceived as ‘hypocrites and opportunists’ caring about young people only at the occurrence of consensus. We also counted racist criticism and insults against Italian senator Liliana Segre, as a track was chosen in the first written test taken from the book ‘La sola colpa di essere nati’ written by Liliana Segre and former magistrate Gherardo Colombo.

In contrast, young students expressed their admiration for this woman with tweets of support and thanks. Many were happy to point out how social media and some influencers have moved in them a curiosity to learn about or explore important events and issues, some fundamental not to be forgotten such as the Shoah.

There were numerous wishes from adults to live intensely this step of growing up; it is they, as former students, who tweeted nostalgic memories about high school hallways, youthful tensions and old exam papers, even ironizing about how much Venditti now earns every night before maturity thanks to his iconic song that has been passed down through the years.

The students were comforted to read that there were many who did not feel ready for maturity, experiencing some healthy performance anxiety and hoping for Verga or D’annunzio to come out. So much excitement for the much-dreaded first real school test, also due to two years of studying during a global pandemic, that it was stemmed with quirky, comical, comforting tweets of best wishes and empathy to feel that in the end you are all in the same boat in one way or another (they would use the Titanic meme …).

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