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From platform to sensors

New weekly appointment for 1, 2, 3 squola: the english column

News for 1,2,3 squola: from today comes the independent consultant who deals with books in English for children and teenagers up to early adolescence. The educator Myra says: “In this space that HDM Group has kindly granted me, I will be at your disposal for any questions, indications and advice on your children’s first approaches…
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Luglio 20, 2020 0

1, 2, 3 Squola was born (also) for the university

HDM Group immediately became active when the pandemic broke out, making 1, 2, 3 Squola. The initiative led to the creation of a blog with activities for the little ones, in particular aimed at the age group 2-6 years, and advice for parents. From April, every day, the communication team of HDM Group in collaboration…
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Luglio 10, 2020 0

Test to purify air from Covid-19

Experimentation with the AURA AIR air purifier for air treatment continues. The device is equipped with an air filtering and disinfection system and is currently being tested at an important Israeli hospital for the treatment of covid-19 in the air. The first month of testing with the air purifier has just ended in the hospital…
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Maggio 5, 2020 0

Air purification system

Aura Air tests its air purification system in the battle against Covid-19 The new air purification system seems to respond positively to the Corona Virus filtering experiment. Tests show that the system would be able to filter the covid-19 virus. The system is already able to filter 99% of influenza viruses. Aura air is an…
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Aprile 22, 2020 0

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