What is IoT?

IOT (Internet of Things) is the key to the production of goods and services. Market analyses show a growing trend in the supply of innovative products and services in this field.

IOT associates the Internet with the real objects of everyday life, objects (and devices) that will be increasingly connected and are creating an even stronger network of presence on the territory and in all environments that need control, automation and sensing.

The purpose of these types of solutions is basically to monitor, control and transfer information and then perform consequent actions. IoT means integration and offers very important prospects in terms of overhauling corporate information systems.

We have innovative solutions in the following areas: Environmental Monitoring; Industry 4.0; Healthcare

In addition to the solutions in our portfolio, we can do scouting all over the world to bring you the best solutions to your needs.

What are our solutions?

Innovation for Covid-19

Products marked with an * belong to the category "Innovation for Covid-19".


  • Hiwe - Octopus Sensors
  • Hiwe - Sonar Water Temperature
  • Hiwe - Water and Air Temperature
  • Hiwe - Water Level
  • Walvee - Water flow modulation switch
  • Visibilimeter OFSense
  • BeeFog - Optical Fog Sensor
  • Beem - Comfort Space
  • Beem - Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Beem - Mini AQ Outdoor
  • Beem - Office Pro
  • Beem - Outdoor Plus
  • Beem - Safe Office*
  • Beetree
  • Hiwe - Smart Air*
  • Hiwe - Temperature and Humidity
  • Robot for disinfection*
  • Wivee - Weather Station
  • Binwaste - Smartbin
  • Handheld Reader
  • Quatro Sensor
  • Single Sensor
  • Single Sensor Split
  • RFID PVC Plate
  • RFID Sticker with QR Code
  • RFID Transponder
  • WatchDog
  • BeeHole - Manhole monitoring


  • Mobee - Condition Base Monitoring System
  • Necters -Gas and Power Meter
  • Necters - Water Meter
  • Honealth E-Gmeter
  • Beecker - Global Supply Chain Visibility
  • Automatic Counting People*
  • Beeye - Camera 51
  • Nemos - Camera*
  • SafeCount by Irisys*
  • Thermal Bullet Camera*
  • Propolis - Lorawan Gateway


  • HeroBee - Health and Safety Monitoring System*
  • BeeThermal*
  • Hiwe - Smart Air*
  • Hiwe - Smart Air Mini*
  • Thermal Eye*