Local weekly newspaper talks about 1, 2, 3 squola

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Local weekly newspaper talks about 1, 2, 3 squola

Giugno 19, 2020 Senza categoria 0

Thursday, June 16, 2020 has been published the article about the initiative 1,2,3 squola, created by HDM Group in collaboration with the nursery Albero Azzurro situated in Pavia, on the weekly newspaper “Il Settimanale Pavese” that wanted to tell the initiative.
Of primary interest is the reason why this the project was created, first of all the will of top management to allow the employees to focus 100% on their work and at the same time manage the children at home.
The owner of the kindergarten, Vanessa Esposito, intervened in the article and expressing the interest and understanding of the usefulness of the project for families thanks to free access to activities.
“Il Settimanale Pavese” is a newspaper that has 20 thousand copies distributed through 200 authorized points in province of Pavia and is the news organization with the largest number of copies distributed, it is about 50.000 readers per week.
HDM Group is a company in the territory of Pavia and “Il Settimanale Pavese wanted to make known to its readers of the territory this initiative that was born to help families in this particularly challenging period.

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