Multi-sensor solution

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Multi-sensor solution

Maggio 22, 2020 Senza categoria 0

Yesterday an important online event of ASP Energia in which HDM Group was present. During the event, Filomena Madormo, Sales Manager Italy and corporate marketing, presented multi-sensor solutions in different contexts.
In particular, the potential of the platform, proprietary and bravado, Unity which can manage up to 5 million sensors, was presented. But not only that, with the same platform it is possible to integrate the data collected by the sensors with data from numerous sources such as online channels, databases, etc.
To all this is added the possibility of implementing statistical algorithms that allow you to transform data into decisions and create high added value for your business. Specifically, innovative solutions were presented for the district context and for the monitoring of patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases.

HDM Group thanks ASP Energia for the interesting in-depth events it organizes.
Special thanks to the president of the Nino Sgarbi association, a professional with a visionary vision.
At the next event (online or better off-line)

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