Statistic Solutions

We offer solutions to study and deal with the different types of events that affect Social, Corporate, Hospital, Finance, Energy to help our clients in the interpretation phase of the phenomenon and in the decision-making aspect.

Not only business intelligence!

Importance of predictive analysis for a company

Extend the analysis of a company not only to volumes and internal profitability but to enter the environment in which it generates profits and finds customer satisfaction

Possibility of comparison with competitors at a global level and to establish a wide network of relationships and make the most of Big Data for commercial purposes

Our basic offer

We collect information relevant to predicting future events useful to your business

We apply predictive models that will help you monitor and minimise customer churn rates and increase retention rates

Our experts will be able to determine the estimated production capacity needed to achieve the company’s objectives or to improve adaptation to new and changing scenarios.

Our patented language processing systems will help you identify and analyse opinions about your company or product/service on social networks, websites, online newspapers, etc.

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Our high-performance forecasting models will help you improve decision making for your business issues

Our team will allow you to export/import your data from Excel to any other environment and vice versa.

If you need to implement export/import procedures from any type of database, our team is at your disposal to provide professional support.

Our team is at your disposal to provide professional support for this type of activity

Our team is at your disposal to provide professional support for this type of activity

We work with all Cloud solutions and are business partners of all leading cloud providers. With us you can migrate your data in complete security.

All our analysis and forecasting activities are managed through Unity,
ur twice-patented proprietary platform.

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