The test to purify hospital air from Covid-19 continues

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The test to purify hospital air from Covid-19 continues

Maggio 25, 2020 Senza categoria 0

The new air filtration and disinfection system is being tested at an important hospital for its potential for screening and targeting Covid-19 in the air.

In the hospital, where over 300 Covid-19 patients were treated, the first month of testing the air purification system ended.

99% effectiveness against the H1N1 and H5N1 flu viruses has already been demonstrated, with his arrival the coronavirus attracted attention and a hospital test was carried out promptly to verify air purification and disinfection from serious viruses, including coronavirus.

Phase two of the pilot has just begun. The system will be installed in laboratories that diagnose the virus, medical staff rooms, operating rooms for patients diagnosed with viruses and rooms for patients at risk. At the same time, a clinical and microbiological study will be conducted.

The goal is to find solutions for indoor infections in general and coronavirus in particular.

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