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Unity system

The UNITY system, designed and built for statistical study purposes, allows the processing of high volumes of data using few hardware resources, withoutincreasing proportionally the processing time while increasing the volumes.
This feature allows to perform predictive analysis with greater precision in a very short time, reducing costs.
The system does not require huge maintenance activities as the patented algorithm, according toits nature, is able to learn independently (auto-learning) and therefore to “self-program” and “self-modify” itself.
Once the analysis is adapted, the predictive models and, consequently, the obtained results, are improved autonomously.
Inputs can be both structured and unstructured data coming from various types of sources, even online and in different formats, from company systems or from any type of database. It is able to manage any amount of data in real-time mode.

HDM Artificial Intelligence

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Basic features

Analyze large amounts of data and go beyond the current processing and analysis capabilities of current corporate data warehouses

Analyze and interpret the texts present in large volumes of data

Identify information from all of the online information channels

Perform statistical studies on the way in which information is propagated through online channels and information means

Study the Sentiment and Reputation derived from the main Social Networks, Media Blogs and all of the online media in general

Study the way in which information is spread geographically by creating geostatistical and geospatial models

Study the Financial Markets by anticipating fluctuations in the stock market indices

Perform Risk Management, Marketing, Brand, Trend studies

Main Applications and Services

Unity is a modular solution that offers the possibility to interconnect different analytical tools

Big Data

Big Data and Statistical Analysis are the core business of HDM…

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Predictive Analysis

HDM provides its customers with analysis services of what happened in the past and study services…

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Condition Base Monitoring

HDM solution to improve the performance and reduce the costs…  

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Sentimental and Influencer Analysis

Check your brand and reputation on Social Network and online media…

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Price Monitoring

Monitors your competitor and verify the compliance of distribution agreements…

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