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HDM Group is your ally in creating innovative solutions to grow your business through the use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

We are an IT consultancy company for the development of innovative technology tools based on statistical studies to provide you with the insights you need!

With the aim of helping your company interpret events and improve and accelerate the decision-making process, we have created Unity, a twice-patented platform.

Our team of Data Scientists, Developers, Data Architects, Electronic Engineers and Technicians is able to support your company to satisfy every need: from the IoT system to the creation of the Software architecture for data collection; from the implementation of the algorithms to the after-sales support (HW and SW).

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Our team of developers and architects is here to help you realise your projects: development of Custom Software Solutions and Mobile Apps, Big Data analysis, Predictive analysis… and more!

As a result of 15 years of development, we have created Unity, a system designed to process large volumes of data using few hardware resources to solve statistical problems through proprietary algorithms.

Our solutions can guarantee high performance at low costs for your Monitoring, Forecasting, Predictive Analysis and Artificial Intelligence needs.


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