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Innovative company with 20+ experience in Big Data, Predictive analysis, Statistics and Hardware and Firmware solutions.

We provide High-Tech Services to create IOT Objects, build the software architecture for data collection, Data Mining and the generation of Forecast Models.

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Published the third part of the research “Coronavirus communication in Italian newspapers”.

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We support our customer to:

  • Take important decisions
  • Understand and interpret information
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve or create new products
  • Increase sales
  • Study their brand and their company
  • Analyse the market
  • Develop and increase business

To reach these results we provide these activities

Big data platform (twice patented!)

Consulting activities and market research

Scouting and acceleration activities

Design, release and certification HW and FW

Field installation and technical assistance

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Our Team

Rossano Codeluppi


Giulio Gatti

CIO & Data Scientist

Tuccio Loria

Member of the Board

Filomena Madormo

Sales Manager Italy & Corporate Marketing

Adriana Ricci

HW/FW Engineer

Giuseppe Reale

HW/FW Engineer

Carlo Ghetti

HW Technician and Assistance

Sonia Santandrea


Paola Branzoni

Internal Sales Assistant

Luca Antonio Capalbo

Technical Sales Engineer

Davide Masciali

Senior Developer and Architect

Francesco Licata

Head of IoT Solutions

Marco Bottari

Account Manager

We are also active with dedicated contacts in the following countries: Spain, the Netherlands, UK and Colombia.


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