for your well-being and without feeling alone

Patients in control of their health and well-being.

Together with patients and healthcare professionals we create Artificial Intelligence solutions to manage the health and well-being of people with multiple sclerosis and other conditions.

Our data scientists and developers work closely with medical staff to create systems for monitoring patients. The focus of our solutions is always on the patient: our systems not only allow them to understand and manage their health and well-being, but also to never feel alone. For example, on the other side of a simple app there is always a specialist who can respond to every need. In addition, our solutions give you the opportunity to manage your lifestyle by improving its quality and staying healthy.

AI in healthcare

Artificial Intelligence solutions enable medical staff to monitor health conditions, but above all they increase their ability to understand the patient’s needs and to pick up signals that can anticipate future needs through the application and interpretation of innovative statistical algorithms.

All our Artificial Intelligence systems send feedback, contain guidance and provide support to the patient and the healthcare professional: we create a direct line of communication between doctor and patient! In this way, the patient will never be alone and the doctor will have tools, data and information at his disposal that allow him to put the individual patient at the centre and to design solutions built around his specific needs.

Our solutions

App mobile

AI algorithms

Statistical models for forecasting

Device customisation

What can you do with health solutions?

Why HDM for health?

There is only one answer:

Our company was born from the desire of the co-founders to create solutions for patients with multiple sclerosis in particular, but in general for people suffering from serious diseases, which can on the one hand improve the quality of life in the long term of patients and on the other give them a tool that makes them feel accompanied in every moment of the day.

Our Health solutions are always developed in cooperation with highly qualified healthcare professionals specialised in the relevant disease.

We adapt the technology to the patient’s needs.

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