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We are an IT consultancy developing innovative technology tools based on statistical studies like Unity, our two times patented platform!

HDM’s team of developers and architects is here to manage and improve your projects with you with greater flexibility to achieve your goals in a shorter timeframe. Together we can:

Develop ad hoc software

Create mobile apps

Start or accelerate your company’s digital transformation

Configure Unity to suit your needs and integrate it with your existing business systems

We build innovative technology tools based on statistical studies to give you the insights you need! With our clients we have improved: the monitoring and prediction of clinical events, the monitoring and maintenance of production facilities, the optimisation of production, the digitisation of repetitive tasks with high human error, observed and analysed the reaction to the launch of a new product/service on social media...

What can HDM do for me?

Problem: I need to cross-analyse information generated from different sources and perhaps at different times.

Solution: Our developers and data analysts can create dashboards with you that allow you to see all the information you need, and highlight and analyse any differences in the same information across different sources. We helped, for example, a major multi-utility discover that it was not being named as a sponsor on all social networks despite having financed a project to raise awareness of museum visits.

Problem: I have a lot of data generated from different sources (open source data, data from monitoring devices, etc.) and I don’t know how to extrapolate their value.

Solution: HDM’s multidisciplinary team can create solutions to process, integrate and elaborate data that can help you intervene in a short time in case of anomalous phenomena. This is possible thanks to algorithms that work in real-time and send you alerts with a delay of one thousandth of a second.

Problem: I have a lot of information on different people that I am monitoring for specific purposes.

Solution: data scientists dedicated to this activity are experts in developing applications that allow you to collect data of all kinds (e.g. images, text, geographical location, etc.) and process and interpret them, giving you a complete and clear picture of the phenomenon you are observing. For example, in the medical sector we have created solutions that allow us to identify patients’ needs in order to improve their living conditions, adopting the most modern hardware and software technologies, putting the person’s needs at the centre with highly personalised solutions.

Problem: I need to automatically process a data stream with very low latency times. I need an answer in a very short time!

Solution: HDM solutions built around your needs are able to process large amounts of data in real-time and give you the insights you need in real time to make decisions and apply the right solutions to your problem. Think about the fact that the first systems created by HDM’s developers were financial robots to provide information on stock market trends and give tips to brokers on buying and selling stocks: we need to be fast so we don’t miss a trade!

Problem: I have lots of unstructured data like social media posts about my company but I can’t read them one by one, I’d never finish!

Solution: HDM’s data scientists have been working with text data and text mining algorithms for over 15 years. We have helped several marketing and innovation managers not only find out how much, how and who is talking about their company, but also identify and pick up signals about changing consumer preferences for their product/service.

Problem: I need to have tools that can support me in the decision-making process to guide the development of my business and give me an advantage over my competitors.

Solution: HDM’s data scientists develop Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms that can help you improve your business. For example, with the solutions that our team is able to develop you can: optimise production, analyse images to detect defects in your products, create virtual assistants, etc.

Problem: I need to know not only if my customers are satisfied with my product/service but also to understand how my competitors are doing and how I can anticipate the market.

Solution: HDM’s researchers and data scientists realise traditional market research, the results of which are integrated through innovative tools with Big-Data that constitute a valuable source of information and allow you to pick up important signals about your customers and their changing preferences.

Problem: I want to monitor my industrial plant and/or its surrounding environment in order to have a healthy condition of the machinery and improve the well-being of the staff through an easy-to-manage technology.

Solution: software solutions created by HDM’s developers, such as Unity, allow you to manage the most modern and reliable monitoring devices in a single environment and to apply machine learning algorithms to improve the maintenance of industrial machinery or to ensure a high quality of the environment in which your resources work, while also reducing operating and maintenance costs.

What is Unity?

A platform for processing large volumes of data in real-time, enabling the application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to improve your business.

Unity guarantees high performance using few hardware resources to perform predictive analysis with greater accuracy in a very short time, reducing costs.
It is our patented technology platform with edge or cloud processing capabilities. It allows you to aggregate all the data collected from different sources, including IoT devices, process it and suggest solutions to improve your business or speed up digital transformation.

Your customisable version of Unity can give you the right solution for your monitoring, forecasting, predictive analytics and Artificial Intelligence needs.

Why Unity?

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