About us

Passion for statistics

HDM is the expression of twenty years of experience in the field of IT, Statistics and IOT.

Our Mission is to offer solutions to study and manage the different types of events that concern the Social, Corporate, Hospital, Finance, Energy aspects, in order to help our clients in the interpretation phase of the phenomenon and in the decision-making aspect.
We provide high-tech services for the implementation of Software Architecture for data collection, Data Mining, Forecast Model generation and IoT Object creation, using our twice patented Unity platform.

We help our clients to make important decisions, to understand and interpret information, to reduce costs, to improve products, to create new ones, to increase sales, to study their brand, their company, to analyse the market and to develop and increase business.

But that’s not all, because HDM focuses on the HEALTH sector, providing its technological contribution to the study and monitoring of particular pathologies.

Our Strengths

20 years' experience

Listening to customer

Multidisciplinary team



Our Team

Rossano Codeluppi


Giulio Gatti

CIO & Data Scientist

Tuccio Loria

Member of the Board

Riccardo Paganelli

FW Engineer

Carlo Ghetti

HW Technician and Assistance

Sonia Santandrea


Paola Branzoni

Internal Sales & Marketing

Andrea Alberghini

Data Analyst

Davide Masciali

Senior Developer and Architect

Antonella Rubino

HR Senior

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