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Manhole Monitoring

BeeHole is a robust end-to-end IoT LoRaWAN security solution intended to detect and report access to, presence and tampering attempts in valuable underground infrastructures such as manholes.

It solves the problem of access and intrusion monitoring of massive underground infrastructure with tens of thousands of entrances, e.g. Telco underground cabling systems.

How does it work?

Once installed and paired with the dedicated software, the sensors are activated (asserted) and send alarm messages with relevant information to the web backend.

According to the alert information, the backend of the system concludes if any and which ones of the various events have occurred. If the event is not authorized, and in case no alarms of the same type have been generated recently (within the so-called “alarm guard time”), the system generates an alarm (based on detected event) and immediately reports it via web application and email/SMS notifications.

Detectable Events / Alarms

Use Cases

Underground telecom cabling infrastructure

Manholes are a common target for vandals who steal metal lids and copper cables (often damaging fiber-optics installations as well). Controlling manhole entrance access and presence would reduce stealing and damaging of infrastructure.

Industrial cabinet

Various cabinets and lockers are a common target for vandals who damage doors and take what they find inside (e.g. batteries, cables, IT equipment).
It is possible to mount a protective device inside the cabinet in order to detect door openings.

Covered infrastructure and Outdoor poles

To prevent vandalism and cable theft at mobile phone antennas, for example, beeholes can be installed either on poles to signal if someone is trying to climb up or in manholes to signal unauthorised attempts to open them.

Indoor poles and restricted areas

As with outdoor buildings, poles inside warehouses can be restricted areas or installed equipment (cameras, cables, etc.) can be stolen. BeeHole can monitor access to these locations and provide an instant response.
It can also work inside warehouses to verify access to restricted areas.

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