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Development kit for MAMWLE modules

The MAMWLE-DVK-CB01 is designed for prototyping and developing LoRaWAN® systems for environmental or industrial monitoring. It is a complete development kit consisting of a carrier board mounting a LoRa node.

The LoRa node is a compact and versatile radio board, which is compatible with different types of antenna and which can be interfaced to different types of sensors/actuators with analog or digital input/output.

The Carrier Board is used to easily interface the LoRa node to different types of sensors/actuators, thanks to the ARDUINO UNO R3 standard connectors. The Carrier Board can be powered via a standard USB Type-C connector and can be fixed with screws thanks to the four M3 holes placed at the corners of the board.

Main Characteristics

The Carrier Board with the LoRa node constitutes a development kit (MAMWLE-DVK-CB01) useful for evaluating the functionality of the MAMWLE module and to develop applications based on it.

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