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Fill level monitoring

Quatro Sensor

Quatro Sensor is an enterprise class device monitoring fill-level of various types of containers. It uses four ultrasonic beams measurement up to the depth of 400 cm.

Recommended for high capacity bin types.

May operate fully independent in all networks:

  • LoRaWAN
  • NBIoT
  • GSM / GPRS

Single Sensor

Single Sensor is an enterprise class device monitoring fill-level of various types of containers. It uses single ultrasonic beam with measurement up to the depth of 255cm.

The sensor provides configurable accelerometer for tilt recognition which sends notification immediately. Sensor is configurable via Bluetooth Configuration application. You can configure fire alarm, measurement frequency, actual time and more. The sensor is powered by replaceable batteries which frequently inform the operator about their capacity.

Single sensor is available in three versions:

  • Single sensor LoRaWAN
  • Single sensor NB-IoT
  • Single sensor LoRaWAN + Sigfox



Marking bins with tags simplifies bin tracking, reporting and billing, and limits unauthorised use.

3 types of bin tags are available:

  • Smart Bin Tag
  • Smart Bin Sticker 
  • Transponder (Plug)

All tags have RFID features that ensure automatic service verification and contactless bin recognition providing access to bin details in the database using RFID reader.

Smart Bin Tag and Smart Bin Sticker provide also a visual identification by a numerical code, bar code or QR code.

RFID Reader


Wireless Android 8.1 OS Handheld mobile UHF RFID reader with 4G/GPS/WiFi/Bluetooth & laser Barcode reading support.


WatchDog is the ultimate service monitoring device for waste collection vehicles.

WatchDog is a powerful ultra-high frequency (UHF) radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader with up to 4 antennas. Short-distance (low-power) antennas recognize bags, bins or containers and record the pickup.

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