Digital allocating working hours and reducing the margin of error: solving the challenge with a tool

Digital allocating working hours and reducing the margin of error: solving the challenge with a tool

June 9, 2021 Innovative Solutions 0

Assigning hours to the wrong line, assigning them to the wrong municipality, overwriting hours already entered by a colleague are just some of the errors that can occur if several people have to enter their activities in a single Excel file. Errors of this kind affect not only the determination of the total hours worked and the association of these with the operator, but also the attribution to the correct cost centre.

This makes time management very complex. Consequently, there was a need to simplify the system by adopting a tool that would reduce the possibility of errors being made when recording the hours worked and that would guide the operators when carrying out this important operation, saving them time and enabling them to complete the entry even if there was network coverage.

In order to meet the customer’s request, HDM has developed a tool that provides:

portal with dedicated access

possibility of uploading excel sheets

guided procedure with choice of municipality and activity via drop-down menu

selection from a calendar of the week in which to enter the hours worked  

summary sheet with calculation of partial and total hours entered and possibility of downloading

After having consulted the customer’s requests regarding the definition of the hardware and software aspects, HDM proceeded to: create the user master data; develop the front-end for loading excel sheets; build the relational database; create the workflow; define the user roles; create a data encryption system; develop an environment in which it is possible to view partial and total calculations of the hours entered into the system with rules defined by specific users with the possibility of downloading the total hours entered in cvs format or in other formats.

With regard to the possibility of uploading data both online and offline, HDM proposed a desktop solution that could work in different environments. However, the client company decided not to implement this solution.

This is an example of what we can design and provide to companies as part of our ICT & AI consulting and management activities.