Industry 4.0: the transformation of a grader in compliance with regulations

Industry 4.0: the transformation of a grader in compliance with regulations

September 28, 2022 Innovative Solutions 0

Industry 4.0 is one of the fields in which we at HDM support our customers. Today we want to tell you about the latest project we have developed.

It is a system to make a grader compliant with Industry 4.0, thanks to the interconnection between a remote management web platform and the installation of a parameter monitoring system via on-board sensors.

The system developed consists of:

  • A management web platform on an external cloud.
  • A control panel, in the cabin, interconnected to the external cloud via a GPRS/GSM or Wi-Fi communication and equipped with a display with keypad, a GPS, an accelerometer and a Bluetooth communication interface.
  • A sensing board, outside the cabin, equipped with a data acquisition system and a Bluetooth communication interface.
  • Two inclinometers, one attached to the machine, and one attached to the tool.

How does it work?

The management web platform is used to send remote instructions to the control panel in the cab and to read the data sent by the control panel.

On the control panel is a display with a keypad for displaying data and/or instructions. Also inside is an accelerometer to detect the movement of the machine, a GPS to track the position of the machine, a Bluetooth interface to communicate with the sensing board, and a GPRS/GSM or Wi-Fi interface to communicate with the management web platform.

The sensing board has a Bluetooth interface to communicate with the control panel and a data acquisition system to read the sensors (inclinometers) and the signals that drive the relays and on/off coils of the grader’s distributor.

The two inclinometers, one integral to the machine and one integral to the tool (grader), are used to detect the relative angle between the tool and the machine (which can be viewed on the display), to have real-time information on the angle of the implement with respect to a neutral point.

The signals sent by the joystick to the distributor coils are read by the acquisition card to be compared with the data from the inclinometers, so as to have feedback on the actual inclination of the implement and to certify the correct operation of the coils.

Technical specifications

The entire hardware system is designed to be powered electrically by a 12Vdc battery. The intelligence on board the sensing board consists of a microcontroller system specially programmed for the application, while the control panel is equipped with a graphic interface on an Android app.

Our Lab in Cesena took care of the design and development phases and will also take care of the subsequent series production of the HW and SW system if required.

The development of customized solutions is one of the services we can provide.
Through our interdisciplinary team (engineers, data scientists, etc.) we offer consulting services for Industry 4.0 innovation
Our developers and data scientists can develop Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications and algorithms for, for example, production optimization, predictive maintenance, risk reduction at work, cost optimization and more.


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