From platform to sensors

New marketplace opportunity

The Romagna Business Matching platform is born to “Start from digital. Selling online thanks to the B2B marketplace ”. Sortron, a 100% owned company of the HDM Group, joins the initiative and becomes part of this community dedicated to B2B. It is a marketplace that allows the enhancement of the demand and supply of the…
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Giugno 3, 2020 0

The test to purify hospital air from Covid-19 continues

The new air filtration and disinfection system is being tested at an important hospital for its potential for screening and targeting Covid-19 in the air. In the hospital, where over 300 Covid-19 patients were treated, the first month of testing the air purification system ended. 99% effectiveness against the H1N1 and H5N1 flu viruses has…
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Maggio 25, 2020 0

Multi-sensor solution

Yesterday an important online event of ASP Energia in which HDM Group was present. During the event, Filomena Madormo, Sales Manager Italy and corporate marketing, presented multi-sensor solutions in different contexts. In particular, the potential of the platform, proprietary and bravado, Unity which can manage up to 5 million sensors, was presented. But not only…
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Maggio 22, 2020 0

Participation in EIT Urban Mobility COVID-19 Crisis Response Call

HDM Group will present two covid-19 solutions during the online event organized by EIT Urban Mobility. The event is dedicated to addressing the challenges of urban mobility posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. HDM Group will give its contribution with solutions that help guarantee respect for social distancing and the use of safety devices. With these…
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Maggio 20, 2020 0

Participation in web event ASP Energia

May 21 2020 HDM Group will participate in the in-depth web meeting organized by ASP Energia. During the meeting, the issue of the importance of sensors in data collection and management of the same for statistical purposes for the support of business decisions will be discussed. HDM Group will talk about the “Innovation for Covid-19”…
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Maggio 12, 2020 0

Test to purify air from Covid-19

Experimentation with the AURA AIR air purifier for air treatment continues. The device is equipped with an air filtering and disinfection system and is currently being tested at an important Israeli hospital for the treatment of covid-19 in the air. The first month of testing with the air purifier has just ended in the hospital…
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Maggio 5, 2020 0

New step in the growth path of HDM Group!

HDM Group and Greenflex have announced a partnership between the two companies. Greenflex helps build solutions that allow companies to transform and respond to environmental and social challenges. Greenflex’s mission is to connect the economy to ecology as much as possible, making the environmental and social transition an opportunity, a strength and a competitive advantage…
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Aprile 29, 2020 0

Partecipation to Partners Webinar

Last week, we had the pleasure to partecipate at first Aura Air Partners Webinar with other 30 partners from the USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Singapore, and Israel. During the webinar we receive the latest updates from recent and future pilots-including the pilot with Sheba International Division at Sheba Medical Center in disinfecting the COVID-19.

Aprile 27, 2020 0

ASP Energia online event

On April 23rd HDM Group was present web event organized by ASP Energiathe to talk about the initiative in favor of covid-19. The initiative, visible on the home of the HDM Group website, is to create a collector of solutions and initiatives that can be of help in overcoming the limits imposed by the pandemic…
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Aprile 27, 2020 0

Corporate activity: target “growth”

HDM Group has started a very intense growth path. The first step is given by the acquisition of Sortron S.r.l. As part of the corporate development project, HDM purchased 100% of its Sortron shares on April 8 2020. Sortron born as a university start-up of the sensors laboratory of the II Faculty of Engineering University…
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Aprile 23, 2020 0